How Gundam Seed Got Me Into Mecha Anime

It’s not hard to understand that Gundam Seed or the Cosmic Era of Gundam has left a substantial legacy in the west.

It was one of the first Gundam show’s that aired on TV. It was one of the few Gundam series back in the mid-2000s to gain a cult following in the west and it’s being one of the few Gundam show’s that got many people into Gundam let alone mecha anime.

My discovery of Gundam Seed was a bit different. I discovered Gundam Seed in 2014 when I was 12 years old and was very new to anime. I watched stuff like Shakugan no Shana, Tsubasa Chronicles, Angelic Layer, A Certain Magical Index, etc. Around that time I was extremely hungered to watch a long epic scale series. So, one day I decided to browse the internet and search for animes with long episode count. A lot of animes were listed, but I ended up picking Gundam Seed.

I watched it and it blew me away. I loved the characters, worldbuilding, themes, mecha designs, soundtrack, story. 12-year-old this show was a seconding coming of Christ. Being better than every other animes, I’ve seen at that point. The same thing can be said for its squeal Gundam Seed Destiny even though I thought it was slightly inferior to the original Gundam Seed due to me not connecting to Shin all that much, but it had Kira and Lacus which were my idol’s. Regardless of that the Gundam Seed franchise was for the longest time my favorite anime of all time.

After that, I was craving for mecha anime like Gundam Seed thus I watched stuff like Code Geass, Eureka Seven, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Gurren Lagann, Macross, Patlabor as well other Gundam show’s like Gundam 00, Wing, and G Gundam and while I thought those shows were great (minus Evangelion which I hated back in the day) there were never Gundam Seed levels of greatness (minus Code Geass and Gurren Lagann which I consider them to be on par with Seed back in the day)

Yeah, I had terrible tastes back then.

As you can see Gundam Seed brought me to the mecha world of anime to a point I couldn’t get into other genres like romance and slice of life for a while due to how inept they were. I just wanted to see kickass mecha fighting each other as well watching deeply insecure/flawed characters overcome their issues through war.

Those were good things sadly it didn’t last. Around early 2018 I decided to check out U.C Gundam timeline from 0079 to Victory and while the timeline had its questionable installments like ZZ, F91 and Victory the U.C timeline blew me of how well written and fun they were. The animation may have shown its aged especially 0079, but it had a lot of substance that completely made it up. It made me curious how the Gundam Seed franchise would hold up after watching U.C Gundam. Sadly it didn’t.

To be fair the original Gundam Seed by itself held up decently well despite it being an inferior copy of 0079 in the first half as well as having elements that aged badly. I still liked a lot of the majority of the characters especially my childhood couple Kira and Lacus. The second half of Seed is the Gundam Seed franchise at its peak. I just didn’t like overdramatic the script was which put me off.

It was still a good show in its own right, but it has a lot of issues that prevent it from being a favorite.

Re-watching Gundam Seed Destiny, on the other hand, was stressful. The first 34 episodes were good as I remembered, but after that Kira and Shin battle, the show started to crash and burn. It became one of the most headache-inducing show’s I’ve seen. I didn’t give a damm about Shin’s emo issues and my childhood crushes Kira and Lacus became sues. It was heart-breaking to see two characters that I loved became stripped away from personalities and resorted to mindless preach about pacifism despite them being hypocrites as their potentially killing people.

Just for reference, I re-watched both seasons in their HD remastered form instead because the original versions of them had more stock footage than scooby doo, especially in Seed Destiny.

I ended up being truly upset with Gundam Seed Destiny. I don’t hate it like most hardcore Gundam fans, but it felt such a bad taste in my mouth.

My decaying love of Gundam Seed only got worse as I re-watched 00, Wing, as well as watching X, Turn A, Build Fighters, Origin and IBO for the first time.

Now we are in 2021 and the love of Gundam Seed franchise is now a nostalgic piece rather than being a good series. It’s franktly sad that the Gundam series that got me into the mecha genre ended up being not as good as a remembered.

If you still watch Gundam Seed, just watch the HD remaster of the Seed and skip Gundam Seed Destiny.

I will still cherish the memories of Gundam Seed in my heart especially Kira and Lacus.

That’s all folks and until next time.

This is my first post here 🙂

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